Subterranean Heart

Created by Cloud Eye Control

Subterranean Heart is an original hyper-opera that integrates experimental animation, music, and live performance. Set in an underground mining facility, scientists discover a powerful crystal in the body of a fallen worker. The worker undergoes a surreal, spooky and mediated surgery while her internal landscape is cinematically displayed on monitors close by. In the process her physical body transforms into a mediated body and vice versa while screens, projections and surfaces rotate to create an illusory architecture around her. Miners are sent into her body to excavate, and by doing so awaken a mysterious song into the universe. Two channels of projected video create an animated landscape that transforms into scenery, costume, and character.


Los Angeles County Musueum of Art (LACMA)
Images Festival (Toronto)
Platform International Animation Festival (Portland)
San Francisco International Film Festival
TBA Festival (Portland)

Photos: Scott Groller, Holly Anders, Cloud Eye Control